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  • Learn from reputable sources from one place – Khan Academy, PBS, History Channel and much much more
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Keep track of what you are learning

In LearningAisle, you are never lost! We always make it easy to help you know what you have finished and what you are yet to learn. An hourglass tells you what you have started learning. Don’t worry, we keep track of whenever you get done – you’ll see a green check when you are done!

Check your progress report… anytime.

A progress report will tell you where you are and what more you need to finish within a particular grade, subject or lesson. Click on the progress report link at any time in your Study Room (your digital locker) to know, at a glance, what you are studying, what you have finished studying and what else you need to.

If you need help… Ask!

Ask questions, post comments, send messages to anyone who is studying the same lesson. We have made sure that everyone who is studying that lesson is connected to you. So, any time you post a message or question in the discussion box below each lesson, we send notifications to everyone else and tell them about your question or comment. You’ll see this yourself when you go into your Study Room… the notifications show up on the top right of the grade, subject or unit box.

How about helping someone else out!

You also get the chance to help out someone else with their questions. If you have mastered Algebra, you can now become a “teacher!” No kidding. Check out the message notifications… go check out your friends’ questions or from pretty much anyone

Test your understanding… any time

Take quizzes and see how you are doing. Start with a pre-quiz and assess yourself first. Try out practice quizzes… practice makes perfect! Finish with post quizzes, see your scores on the leaderboard. Keep doing this over and over till you feel satisfied with your scores and your mastery of the subject. We’ll help you along all the way. Studying is supposed to be fun too… and we want you to experience it.